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Our Home

We are blessed to be situated on one of the most idyllic locations in the Cape Winelands, an island in a dam on Remhoogte Wine Estate. Remhoogte is a family run winery with vineyards on the foothills of the Simonsberg mountain, just outside Stellenbosch. The wines are a product of ancient soils, steep slopes and winds off the cold Atlantic Ocean. They tell the story of the vineyards, the family heritage and passion for winemaking and preserving the land for future generations. Their aim is to bring joy to all who experience their wines and make them feel a part of the Remhoogte family. 

Quality reserve red varieties, blends, and white wines will be tasted during the dining experience with wines from the estate's Reserve, Free to Be and Premium Range labels. Apart from producing quality wines, the Boustred Family's love for wildlife also added in that extra special component to the farm and has given us the possibility of having wildlife on our doorstep (or better said, wildlife that can be seen from the deck or even whilst sitting at our table. Wildlife includes zebra, black wildebeest, nyala and the South African national animal, the Springbok. 

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